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  • Six-Step Relational Database Design™

    Six-Step Relational Database Design (Second Edition)The second edition of this book is even more dedicated to structuring and simplifying the database design process, and like the first edition outlines a simple but reliable six-step process for accurately modeling user data.

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  • Online Courses

    Six-Step Database Design Online CoursesThe six-step database design online courses combine the Video Lectures with material from the Six-Step Relational Database Design™ book to create a comprehensive eLearning experience. Udemy is the platform used to deliver the courses.

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  • Video Lectures

    Six-Step Database Design Video Lecture SeriesThe six-step database design video lecture series is designed to compliment the Six-Step Relational Database Design™ book, and should be used by both lecturers and students as teaching and learning aids, respectively.

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  • Project Sekstrin - Online Database Design

    Project SekstrinProject Sekstrin is an Open Source project that uses the Six-Step Relational Database Design™ technique to create an online relational database design application that starts with a statement of the problem and ends with an R-M diagram and SQL code.

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  • Cultural preservation through IPR

    Cultural preservation through IPRInfamously nicknamed my Rum Paper, this paper examines how intellectual property can and has been used to protect and preserve cultural icons, such as, Pusser's Painkiller® cocktail and Gosling's Dark 'n Stormy® cocktail.

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  • Victorious Living Foundation

    Victorious Living FoundationThis is a website for the Victorious Living Foundation based in St. Maarten, whose mission is to reconcile families, individuals, the Church, Governments and nations to our Creator and each other while demonstrating we can live victoriously.

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Welcome to my website! I am a lecturer, an author, a database designer and developer, and a website designer and developer. This website is dedicated to informing you about myself, my services and my accomplishments.

My Life's Mission

To be successful in anything that I endeavor to do, personal or professional, and to apply myself and my knowledge as best as I can to any situation, personal or professional, in a manner that will lead to a positive and productive outcome. I treat every challenge as an opportunity to succeed, knowing that well done is better than well said - great men are first remembered for what they did, then for what they said.

My Vision

To share my knowledge and experiences with those that diligently seek it, telling them of the joys and splendors of life, warning them of life's pitfalls, and imparting my knowledge of the hidden mysteries of science and nature. It is my hope that before I die to have some specific bit of knowledge attributed to me that can be passed on to the future generations, so that my flame is kept alive for a thousand years.